Cough Sweets

In the heart of winter, when the air bites with icy teeth, there's solace to be found in the small, sugary comforts from Duncan's Sweet Shop. Here, we don't just peddle cough sweets; we offer edible emblems of care, little shields against the season's harsh coughs and splutters.

From the first sign of a tickle in the throat, Britons have turned to the reliable respite found within the crinkled wrappers of cough sweets. Duncan's collection is a tribute to this time-honoured tradition, a veritable anthology of the nation's favourite throat soothers.

Who could forget the herbal companions of our past, the potent pungency of Fisherman's Friend, or the gentle embrace of Ricola's herbal variety? They're not merely cough sweets but pocket-sized custodians of comfort during flu season.

And then, there's the undying legacy of Halls, the menthol mavens that brought cool relief to fiery throats, forging breaths of fresh winter air amidst feverish days. But let's not overlook the humble power of Lockets, dual agents of soothing honey and lemon, waging war against coughs and sniffles.

At Duncan's, our shelves pay homage to these titans of comfort. Yet, we also pride ourselves on our assembly of lesser-known, equally formidable throat allies. Remember the Butter-Menthol, sweet, buttery indulgence coupled with the potent prowess of menthol, an unlikely hero in the battle against nagging coughs?

As the evenings draw in and the frost patterns the windows, it's not just about finding relief; it's about indulging in a ritual that feels almost nostalgically British. So, whether you're seeking the fiery fortitude of Jakemans or the herbal haven found within a pack of Grether's Pastilles, Duncan's Sweet Shop is your sanctuary, stocked with every variety of cough sweets to ease you through the winter trials.

Visit us, and reacquaint yourself with these cherished sentinels of wellness, each sweet a story, a memory, and a promise of relief, delivered right to your door from Duncan's treasure trove of cough sweets.

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