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Duncan's Sweet Shop - A Treasure Trove of Confectionery Delights

In the heart of the UK, Duncan's Sweet Shop stands as a beacon for those who cherish the nostalgia and joy that only a traditional sweet shop can provide. Here, each visitor embarks on a journey through a curated world of pick n mix sweets, chocolate gifts, and retro confectionery, all lovingly hand-packaged from order.

Our Handpicked Selection

Our selection at this quintessential UK Sweet Shop features:

  • Fizzy and Jelly Sweets: Explore a world of taste with our effervescent fizzy sweets and soft, sumptuous jelly treats.
  • Halal and Sour Sweets: Delight in our inclusive range, offering everything from mouth-watering halal sweets to tangy sour delights.
  • Iconic Brands: Indulge in the best of Cadbury, Haribo, Vidal, and Swizzels, each brand a chapter in the sweet history of the UK.
  • Retro Sweets, Sherbet, and More: Take a nostalgic trip with our retro sweets and the fizzy fun of sherbet, a testament to the timeless charm of British confectionery.
  • Vegan Sweets: Discover our extensive range of vegan delights, including vegan pick n mix sweets, fizzy, jelly, foam, sour, and vegan retro sweets, crafted to satisfy every sweet tooth with compassion and care.

Why Choose Duncan's?

At Duncan's Sweet Shop, we believe in the art of traditional sweet shop service, where nothing is pre-packed and every item is chosen with care. Whether it's sweet tubs, sweet jars, or an elaborate sweet hamper, each is assembled with personal attention to detail, making our shop the perfect destination for birthday gifts, next day delivery gifts, or even chocolate gifts by post.

Discover the Duncan's Difference

Join us in celebrating the rich heritage of British confectionery at Duncan's Sweet Shop, a proud UK Sweet Shop dedicated to bringing joy and sweetness into every life we touch. From 1kg sweets to Cadbury selection boxes, and from lollipops to candy floss, your sweet adventure begins here.

Visit us online or in-store for an unparalleled sweet shopping experience, where every choice is a journey back to the joyful days of yesteryear, all within the comfort of the UK's favourite sweet shop.

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