Swizzels Refreshers Chews Lemon Stick Pack 43g


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Swizzels Refreshers Chews: Lemon Zest & Childhood Zest Meet at Duncan’s Sweet Shop

Swizzels Refreshers in a convenient stick pack. Walking into Duncan’s Sweet Shop, there’s a certain corner that radiates nostalgia more than the rest. Here, in a place of honour, sits the Swizzels Refreshers Chews in Lemon. Sixty years have passed, and yet, one bite and you’re back to those halcyon days of yore, where the sun always shone a little brighter, and life was just a touch sweeter.

Oh, the Refreshers! With their playful lemon embrace, concealing a heart of fizzy sherbet that surprises and delights. It’s a candy that speaks of invention and innovation, of that magical moment when Swizzels decided the world needed a bit of effervescence in its chews. And thus, the iconic Refresher was born.

Each individually wrapped chew in the Swizzels Refresher Stick Pack is a testament to that legacy. Soft, yet bursting with zest, every bite is a refreshing dance of citrus and fizz. This isn’t merely candy; it’s the sensation of a summer day, the laughter of friends, the jubilation of a moment captured in lemon and sherbet.

At Duncan’s Sweet Shop, we celebrate this Swizzels masterpiece, beckoning you to partake in the legacy, to share a chew, a story, a memory. It’s the sweet touch of the past, with the vibrant taste of now.

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