Sour Sweets

Welcome to Duncan's Sweet Shop - An Ode to the Sour, the Tangy, and the Zingy

Within the hallowed walls of Duncan's Sweet Shop, a traditional emporium of confectionery marvels, lies an unparalleled collection of sour sweets that beckon the bold and the brave. Here, we celebrate the puckish play of flavours, from the gentle tartness that teases the tongue to the zing that zaps it into submission.

Our Sour Confectionery Ensemble

Our shelves groan under the weight of tangy treasures:

  • Mega Sour Marvels: For those who dare, our mega sour sweets challenge the bravest of palates, delivering a sensory jolt unmatched in its intensity.
  • Classic Tangy Treats: From the effervescent fizz of Haribo Sour Sparks to the iconic pucker of Sour Patch Kids, our selection spans the globe's most beloved sour candies.
  • Vegan and Halal Varieties: Inclusion is the spice of life, and our sour vegan sweets and halal sour sweet options ensure everyone can join in the tangy revelry.
  • Retro Sour Delights: Rediscover yesteryear's favourites with Barnett's Sour Sweets and Maxtons Sour Sweets, each a nod to the rich history of sour confectionery.

Why Duncan's Stands Apart

At Duncan's, we're not just about sweets; we're about experiences. Each visit is a dive into nostalgia, a reminder of days when sweets were not just treats but tickets to joyous adventures. Our sour sweets are no exception, offering not just flavours but memories to cherish and share.

Embark on Your Sour Journey

Ready to test your mettle against our sour assortment or to relish in the tangy zest of our carefully selected confections? Duncan's Sweet Shop invites you on a flavour journey that promises to be as exhilarating as it is memorable. From the vibrant burst of Brain Licker to the sour embrace of Juicy Drop, every choice is a doorway to discovery.

Step through our doors or visit us online for an unparalleled adventure in sour sweets, where every choice is a journey, every flavour a new chapter in the grand story of Duncan's Sweet Shop.

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