Sweet Boxes

Sweet Boxes by Duncan’s: Discover Sweet Perfection

At Duncan’s Sweet Shop, we present you with the epitome of joy: our exquisite range of Sweet Boxes. Each one is a sensory voyage, an invitation to indulge in memories of yesteryears. More than just sweets, these boxes encapsulate stories, emotions, and delights that stand out from the commonplace.

Retro Sweet Box: Savour the Timeless Classics

Our Retro Sweet Box transports you to the cherished moments of the past. Every sweet inside is a historical gem, a touchstone of nostalgia. Delight in candies reminiscent of bygone times, from whimsical whizz-pops to the charming chocolate bars that once graced every corner shop's shelves.

Pick n Mix Sweet Box: A Grand Selection at Your Fingertips

The joy of variety takes centre stage in our Pick n Mix Sweet Box. Craft your perfect assortment, selecting from a vivid array of candies that range from the juiciest gummies to the richest liquorices. It’s a personalised journey, echoing the cherished visits to local sweet shops of our childhood.

Chocolate Boxes: Decadence in Every Bite

Lose yourself in the luxurious realm of our Chocolate Boxes. Whether it’s the familiar comfort of the Cadbury Selection Box or the refined elegance of the Lindor Chocolate Gift Box, each piece is a testament to confectionary excellence, offering a moment of pure, velvety indulgence.

Duncan’s Royale Sweet Box: A Celebration of Worldly Delights

The Duncan’s Royale Sweet Box is our crowning glory. It promises an ever-evolving selection of the finest confections the world has to offer. More than just a collection, it's a premium voyage through globally renowned sweets, curated exclusively for those with the most discerning tastes.

In the enchanting realm of Duncan's confectionary wonders, our sweet boxes stand as timeless treasures. More than mere assortments of flavours, each box offers a curated experience. As custodians of age-old traditions, we seamlessly blend the joys of the past with the delights of the present. Every bite is not just a treat; it's a portal to a cherished memory, a story waiting to be told. Immerse yourself in our world, where sweet boxes unfold chapters of joy with every unveiling.

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