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Choose your own pick n mix from a selection of the finest, best selling sweets on offer from top brands including Haribo, Cadbury, Swizzels, Vidal, Sweetzone and more.

Haribo Cola Bottles
Haribo Strawbs Pick n Mix
Haribo Rhubarb Custard
Haribo Fried Eggs Pick n Mix
Haribo Turtles Bubblegum Flavoured Pick n Mix Sweets
Haribo Friendship Rings
Haribo Jelly Beans
Maoam Stripes Chewy Sweets
Maoam Bloxx Sweets
Haribo Twin Cherries Sweets
Haribo Freaky Fish Sweets
Haribo Heart Throbs
Haribo Gummy Dummies Sweets
Strawberry Mushrooms Sweets
Pint Pots Sweets
Sweetzone Fizzy Blue Raspberry Sweets
Sweetzone Bubblegum Balls
Sweetzone Bubblegum ottles
Jelly Meerkats pick n mix sweets
Halal Fizzy Cherry Bottles
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Fizzy Magic Mushrooms
Fruity Hearts Gummy Sweets
Gummy Bears Sweets
Blue Raspberry Sweets
Space Mix Sweets
Fizzy Watermelon Slices
Milk Chocolate Jazzies
Milk Chocolate Jazzies
Strawberry Bon Bons
Raspberry Bon Bons
Toffee Bon Bons Sweets
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Fizzy Sour Apples
Jelly Fruit Pick n Mix Sweets
Giant Strawberries Vegan Sweets
Tonge Painters Sweets
Dracula Teeth Sweets
Fizzy Dracula Teeth
Jelly Snakes
Jelly Brains
Mini Foam Bananas
Strawberry Pencils Sweets
Fizzy Strawberry Bites
Wine Gums Sweets
Jelly babies - Original Barratt
Chocolate Beans
Marshmallow Twists
Mini Chocolate Eggs
Bubblegum Mermaids
Sour Dummies Sweets
Assorted Fruit Chews Sweets
Mini Refreshers
American Hard Gums
Baby Blue Dolphins
Cherry Lips Sweets
Chocolate Frogs
Fizzy Blue Raspberries
Fizzy Fruit Rings
Fizzy Strawberries
Fizzy Fruit Bears
Giant Cola Bottles
Giant Frogs
Giant Crocodiles
Fruit Fish
Gummy Teeth
Haribo Terrific Turtles
Ice Cream Cones
Royale Sherbet Pips
Spearmint Chews
Pink and White Mice
Swizzels Pigs Mugs
Jelly Filled Turtles
Sherbet Lemons
Vidal Mini Pencils
Witches Heads
Midget Gems Sweets
Fruit-tella Duo Stix
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Unravel the Sweet Symphony of Pick and Mix Sweets at Duncan’s Sweet Shop

The Quintessential Confectionery Experience, pick and mix sweets. Embarking on the Duncan’s Sweet Shop journey, one is immersed in not just a transaction but a rite of passage into a realm rich with taste, heritage, and innovation. Here, pick and mix sweets are not just confectionery; they are the notes in a symphony of sensory memories and anticipations, curated with care, and designed to resonate with sweet enthusiasts of every age.

The Timeless Appeal of Fizzy and Jelly Delights Awaken your palate with the vivacious charm of fizzy sweets, each bite a celebration of effervescence that makes the heart sing like a popped champagne cork. Meanwhile, the jelly sweets offer a dance of fruit and sugar, a texture that sings of summer, no matter the weather outside.

In the Kingdom of Foam and Boiled Sweets Then there are the foam sweets, an essential chapter in the pick and mix story, with their uniquely comforting texture and subtly sweet narratives. In contrast, the boiled sweets are the stalwarts of the confectionery world, each piece a microcosm of flavour waiting to unfold slowly, moment by moment, savoured during quiet contemplation.

The Romance of Chocolate: Dark, Milk, White, and Pink The chocolate aisle is where elegance resides. Whether you prefer the sophisticated bitterness of dark chocolate, the familiar comfort of milk chocolate, the pure indulgence of white, or the whimsical sweetness of pink chocolate, there’s a chapter in this cocoa story waiting to be read.

A Nod to the Classics: Retro Sweets No pick and mix collection would dare call itself complete without the inclusion of retro sweets. It’s here that nostalgia reigns supreme, from the sentimental whispers of Love Hearts to the iconic stripes of Black Jacks and the tropical embrace of Fruit Salads. Each sweet is a time capsule, transporting you back to the flavours of yesteryears.

The Modern Mavericks: Haribo, Vidal, and Sweetzone As we honour the past, we also embrace the innovation of the present with open arms. Brands like Haribo lead the charge with their playful shapes and daring flavours, while Vidal pushes the boundaries with their creative concoctions. For those seeking variety with consideration, Sweetzone offers a plethora of Halal-certified sweets, ensuring there’s something for everyone in this confectionery haven.

Conclusion: Your Symphony Awaits at Duncan’s Sweet Shop Duncan’s Sweet Shop is more than a store; it’s a stage where the symphony of pick and mix sweets comes to life, where each sweet plays its part in a grander composition. We don’t just sell sweets; we offer you the baton to conduct your sweet symphony, with every choice setting the rhythm for a masterpiece that is uniquely yours. So, come, step into our world, and let your symphony play!

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