Fruit-tella 41g – Summer Fruit Chews


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Fruit-tella Summer Fruits Stick 41g:

Ah, summer. A season that teases the senses with its melange of sweet scents and warmer days. Now, imagine capturing that essence in a treat you can relish any time of the year. Enter Fruittella’s Summer Fruits Stick. A luscious concoction that celebrates the zest of strawberries, the sunshine brightness of oranges, the invigorating tang of lemons, and the newly introduced allure of blackberries. Each chew, infused with authentic fruit juice and natural colourings, promises a delicious dalliance with summer’s best.

For those who revel in the varied offerings of Fruittella, we invite you to explore our curated collection of Fruit-tella flavours. If the charm of chewy confections calls out to you, our range of fruit chews might just be your next favourite find. And, for the discerning vegan sweet lover, our selection is proudly presented in our vegan sweets section, where nature’s finest meets confectionery craft.

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