Fruit-tella Blackcurrant Stick 41g


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Ah, the blackcurrant – nature’s enigmatic jewel, cloaked in a rich purple and exuding a flavour that’s both bold and captivating. Trust Fruittella to craft a tribute fitting for such a distinguished berry. This Blackcurrant Stick isn’t just a testament to natural fruit juice or the commitment to pure, untainted flavours and colourings. It’s an ode to fruit lovers and an invitation to a sensory journey.

A journey where each chew transports you to an orchard, with the sun casting a gentle glow on ripe blackcurrant bushes. And for those committed to cruelty-free indulgence? Rejoice, for this chewy masterpiece finds its proud place among our vegan sweets. Unwrap the spirit of the blackcurrant, share it, savour it, and let it whisk you away.

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