Fruittella Duo Stix 100g


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Fruittella Duo Stix 100g:

When one flavour isn’t enough, Fruittella introduces the perfect pairing – the Duo Stix. Imagine the sweet allure of strawberry meeting the refreshing touch of peach. The surprising twist of cola fusing harmoniously with the zesty kick of lemon. And the lush taste of raspberry uniting with the crisp bite of apple. It’s a dance of flavours in every chew, ensuring you never have a dull moment.

Handcrafted by the passionate fruit enthusiasts at Fruittella, these Duo Stix are more than just sweets. They’re the result of a dedication to authentic fruit juice, natural flavours, and colourings, offering a tantalising taste experience in each individually wrapped morsel. And for those who cherish variety and love sharing, this 100g pack is brimming with fruity adventures. Whether you’re looking to delight your taste buds or spread joy among friends and family, the Duo Stix promises a unique, vegan-friendly fruity experience that lingers long after the last chew.

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