Fruit-tella with Fruit Juice 41g


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Fruit-tella with Fruit Juice 41g: Step into a world where sweet treats evoke memories of childhood innocence and sunlit orchards. Fruittella, with its radiant reputation, has crafted these chews with authentic fruit juice. Natural in colour and flavour, these chews are more than just a vegan-friendly treat; they’re a nod to nature and the genuine taste it promises. As fruit lovers rejoiced, Fruittella responded by offering this delectable experience. One that invites you to indulge, reminisce, and share the joys of an authentic fruity expedition.

Dive deeper into our collection, and you might just discover a myriad of flavours that echo this tradition. Whether it’s the tang of our other Fruit-tella flavours or the classic allure of fruit chews, there’s a taste memory awaiting every curious palate.

Strawberry Stick Soft Chew Sweets 41g: Strawberries have long been the emblem of summery delight. Fruittella, in its timeless wisdom, has encapsulated this very essence in its iconic Strawberry Stick. Each chew, replete with real strawberry fruit juice, feels like a stolen moment from a balmy June afternoon. Crafted for those who believe in the authenticity of flavour, it stands as a testament to Fruittella’s commitment to fruit-inspired perfection.

For those with a penchant for all things strawberry, our collection doesn’t stop here. Venture into our dedicated trove of strawberry sweets and let your senses revel in berry bliss.

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