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Sour Sweets Galore in a Box Through Your Door

Welcome, sweet enthusiasts, to a world where your favourite tangy treats journey straight to your doorstep. Here at Duncan’s Sweet Shop, we cherish the joy, the surprise, and, of course, the zingy thrill that only a box of sour sweets can provide.

Mystery ‘Sour Sweet’ Mailer: A Postal Piquancy Adventure

When the everyday becomes a little too… everyday, Duncan’s sweeps in with a sprinkle of sugar, tart, and all things nice, introducing the Mystery ‘Sour Sweet’ Mailer, a letterbox-friendly adventure in a box, priced to bring joy without the sting at just £9.95!

With an ensemble of mystery that cloaks each box, we wrap up an experience that’s much more than just a sugary delight. Your palate will wander through the most enchanting sour, sweet tales, forged by the very best of confectioners from every corner of the globe.

What Awaits Inside Your Letterbox Love

Upon your first peek inside our carefully curated mailer, you’ll find an array of sour delights intended to pique your curiosity and tantalise those tastebuds. Could it be the zesty allure of Premium Royale Sherbet Lemons, or perhaps the spirited jolt from a Warhead? The mystery is part of the magic!

Nostalgia and Novelties United in One Box

Ah, the classics – those candies that transport us back to bygone days of pocket money and sweet shop visits! Yet, the future too beckons, with new, exciting flavours and textures, each piece a tiny, wrapped-up mystery, a surprise narrative in every chew, and a story in every box.

Your Taste Buds Will Thank You, So Will Your Letterbox

Designed to slip effortlessly through your letterbox, our Mystery Sour Sweet Mailer delivers a splendid array of handpicked, high-quality sour sweets right to your door. No more missed parcels, no waiting, just open the door, and let the flavourful journey begin!

For Yourself, Or a Postal Surprise for Someone Special

Whether you’re indulging your own sour cravings or sending a sweet, unexpected surprise to a fellow sour candy lover, the Mystery ‘Sour Sweet’ Mailer is a flavour-packed experience that bridges miles with smiles.

A Sweet Gesture That Speaks Volumes

The Mystery ‘Sour Sweet’ Mailer isn’t merely a box of candies; it’s a gesture, a sweet little whisper from you to someone special (or from you to you – we don’t judge!).

Join Us on a Sour Journey

Embrace the mystery, savour the sour, and join us on a delightful journey that promises to brighten your day, one exceptional candy at a time.

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