Sweets of the Seventies: A Retro Revival

The 1970s: a decade renowned for its platform shoes, flared trousers, and disco fever. But delve a bit deeper, past the glittering disco balls, and you’ll discover the true gems of the era – the sweets. From the tantalising offerings of Swizzels to the timeless delights crafted by Barratt and Cadbury, the 1970s were a treasure trove of confectionery innovations.

Swizzels: Fizz, Pop, and More Swizzels, a name synonymous with fun and flavour, introduced some of its iconic creations during the ’70s. Who can forget the moment they first tasted a Drumstick lolly? Or the fizzing sensation of the Fizzers or the tart Love Hearts with their playful messages?

Barratt: Crafting Memories In the 1970s, Barratt brought to the shelves some of the most beloved treats. The Flumps became an instant favourite, offering marshmallowy softness in every bite. Their Wham bars, with their tangy burst, were the thrill many children eagerly awaited post-school. And of course, Fruit Salads and Black Jacks continued to be the pocket money favourites.

Cadbury: The Chocolate Maestros Cadbury, the British chocolate stalwart, was not to be left behind in the ’70s sweets revolution. This decade witnessed the arrival of the Curly Wurly, a delicacy of braided caramel draped in Cadbury’s signature milk chocolate. The Double Decker, with its nougat top and crispy cereal base, also made its delectable debut.

Other Confectionery Icons Beyond these giants, the ’70s saw an eruption of innovative sweets across brands. The Sherbet Dip Dab, Space Dust (popping candy that crackled and popped in your mouth), and the Flying Saucer, with its sherbet centre, became the stuff of legends.

The Lost Treasures Alas, not all these sweet wonders survived the test of time. Some, like the Texan bar – a chewy nougat smothered in chocolate – bid us adieu. The Spangles, with their translucent hues and fruity flavours, also faded away, leaving behind a trail of nostalgia.

In Conclusion The 1970s wasn’t just a remarkable era of fashion and music; it was a golden age of confectionery. The sweets from this decade were not just products; they were experiences, memories, and markers of childhoods spent in the glow of the summer sun or in the snug warmth of homes during winter.

As you reminisce about the ’70s, remember it’s not just a trip down memory lane. It’s an expedition through a delicious decade, a journey through tastes that shaped, delighted, and sometimes even surprised an entire generation.

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