1KG Toffee

Discover the ultimate toffee experience with our 1kg Toffee bags, featuring an exquisite collection of Walkers luxury toffees, exclusive to Duncan's Sweet Shop. Each bag is a treasure trove of the finest toffees, handpicked to offer a variety of sumptuous flavours and textures that Walkers is renowned for. Indulge in the rich, creamy delight of traditional English toffee, crafted by one of the country's most beloved confectioners.

A Luxurious Toffee Collection

Our exclusive 1kg bags of Walkers Toffee are a testament to the craftsmanship and heritage of Walkers Nonsuch, a name synonymous with toffee excellence. Within each bag, you'll discover a selection that includes:

  • Original Creamy Toffee: Savour the classic taste that has made Walkers a household name, with its rich, buttery flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture.
  • Chocolate Covered Toffee: For the chocolate aficionados, enjoy the luxurious combination of silky chocolate enrobing the signature creamy toffee.
  • Nutty Brazil Toffee: Experience the crunchy delight of Brazil nuts wrapped in Walkers' signature toffee, offering a perfect balance of textures.

Each 1kg Toffee bag from Duncan's Sweet Shop is filled with these and other delectable varieties, ensuring a toffee experience that is unmatched in quality and enjoyment.

Why Choose Duncan's for Your 1kg Toffee Needs?

At Duncan's Sweet Shop, we're proud to offer an exclusive selection of Walkers luxury toffees in our 1kg bags. Here's why toffee lovers choose Duncan's:

  • Exclusive Selection: Enjoy a curated collection of Walkers toffees you won't find anywhere else, handpicked for the discerning toffee enthusiast.
  • Premium Quality: Each toffee is crafted from the finest ingredients, following Walkers Nonsuch's time-honoured recipes for unmatched taste and quality.
  • Ideal for Gifting or Sharing: Whether as a thoughtful gift, a party favour, or a personal indulgence, our 1kg toffee bags are perfect for any occasion.

Order Your Exclusive 1kg Toffee Bag Today

Ready to indulge in the rich, creamy luxury of Walkers toffees? Order your 1kg Toffee bag from Duncan's Sweet Shop today and experience the pinnacle of toffee perfection. Dive into a world of indulgence with our exclusive collection, where every piece of toffee tells a story of quality, tradition, and pure enjoyment.

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