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The Retro Sweet Pack Deluxe: A Symphony of Memories

In the bustling cadence of today, the Retro Sweet Pack Deluxe stands as a sonnet to our past, a time where joy was found in the smallest confections. This pack is more than an assortment; it’s a bridge to cherished memories.

Retro Sweet Box

Each candy, each sweet note, is a reflection of our radiant yesteryears. It paints pictures of secret clubhouse meets, soft summer breezes, and moments of pure, unfiltered elation.

Dip Dabs Original: Our journey commences with this beloved classic, a playful mix of lollipop and sherbet, where every dab is a burst of childhood.

Double Dip Original: Venture onward, and you’re greeted by the Double Dip, offering a play of flavours that hearken back to youthful adventures.

Mega Rainbow Drops: A canvas of hues, each drop is an ode to our vibrant past, encased in its 23g treasure trove.

Toxic Waste: Brace for a thrilling ride with the Yellow Sour Sweet Tub and two Ultra Sour Green Drums. A powerful wave of sour notes, led by a cast featuring Apple, Watermelon, Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Kiwi, Lime, Grape, Melon, and beyond.

Bebeto Banana Raspberry Pencils: This 160g treat is a melody of sweet and tart, reminiscent of long summer days and fleeting holiday romances.

Cadbury Freddo Bars: More than just chocolates, these are pages from our storybook, where the little joys came wrapped in 18g and 19.5g bars.

Black Jack and Fruit Salad Stick Packs: Here lies the spectrum of our past – the mysterious allure of Black Jack’s aniseed and the jubilant tales of Fruit Salad’s fruity exuberance.

Cadbury Fudge and Chomp Bars: Relive the warmth of afternoon sun and the thrill of twilight escapades with the comforting embrace of Fudge and the chewy tales of Chomp.

Swizzels Suite: Experience the royal trio of Giant Parma Violets, Love Heart Rolls, and the triad of Refreshers – Strawberry, Lemon, and Sour Apple. It’s like a waltz through memory lane.

Wham Bar and Strawberry Stick: Experience the zesty rush of Wham Bar and the luscious tales of Strawberry Stick.

Chuppa Chup Melody Pop: A tune of delight, this pop makes every note a cherished memory.

Swizzels Minions Tropical Fizz Chew Bar: This 18g bar promises a tropical journey, whisking you away to sunny memories of vacations past.

Fruit-tella Strawberry Stick 41g: A luscious 41g journey into the heart of summer’s sweetest embrace

Retro Sweet Box

Allergen and Dietary Notice: Our Retro Sweet Pack Deluxe contains a myriad of ingredients. We urge our esteemed customers to always check individual product labels for detailed ingredient information. Potential allergens might be present. While we take every precaution, products may contain traces of nuts, dairy, gluten, and other allergens. Always inspect the product label and refrain from relying solely on the information provided on our website.

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