Retro Sweet Pack Double

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The Retro Sweet Pack Double: Twice the Nostalgia, Twice the Delight

There’s a magic woven into the fabric of our past, a sepia-toned world where every crinkle of a wrapper or the fizz of sherbet on the tongue can elicit memories as vivid as yesterday. The original Retro Sweet Pack was a passport to that world. Now, imagine delving even deeper, with twice the allure, twice the tales, and twice the tastes. Enter the “Retro Sweet Pack Double”.

Every bite, every morsel, every saccharine note is an echo from days gone by. This is not just a collection; it’s a treasury. It’s the Saturday mornings spent in front of the television, the jingle of coins in pockets on the way to the corner store, and the sheer joy of sharing (or not) with friends.

Dip Dabs Original: The iconic duo of lollipop and sherbet returns, but with the Double Pack, the delight is doubly indulgent, doubly exciting. A childhood ritual, relived.

Double Dip Original: Revel in the layers, the juxtaposition of flavours, each dip promising a sensory flashback, intensified in this enhanced pack.

Bubbly Sweet Cotton Gum: The memories bubble up, brighter and more vivid. Each chew a reminder of past bubble-blowing contests, with stakes as high as the schoolyard’s reputation.

Swizzels Refreshers: Triple the thrill with Sour Apple, Strawberry, and Original Lemon. Every chew is a burst of effervescence, a spark from a time less complicated.

Tango Chew Bars: A tangy tango of Orange, Blue Raspberry, and Cherry, these bars are an ode to those radiant days, and with the double pack, they’re twice as tantalising.

Chupa Chups Melody Pops: The symphony of flavours is grander, the tunes sweeter, as memories play out with every pop.

Cadbury Freddo Bars: These aren’t just chocolates. They’re fragments of history, of days when joy was measured in chocolate frogs, and with the Double, the joy overflows.

Candyland Wham Original Chew Bar: The zing, the zest, the vibrancy – all dialled up. It’s the past, but bolder, more vivid.

Swizzels Minions Tropical Fizz Chew Bar: Dive into a tropical explosion, magnified in its allure, ensuring each bite is a radiant sunburst from yesteryears.

Included in the Retro Sweet Pack Double:

  • 2x Dip Dabs Original
  • 2x Double Dip Original
  • 2x Bubbly Sweet Cotton Gum
  • 2x Each of Swizzels Refreshers in three flavours: Sour Apple, Strawberry, and Original Lemon
  • 2x Each of Tango Chew Bars in three distinct flavours: Orange, Blue Raspberry, and Cherry
  • 2x Chupa Chups Melody Pops
  • 2x Cadbury Freddo
  • 2x Cadbury Freddo Caramel
  • 2x Wham Original Chew Bar
  • 2x Swizzels Minions Tropical Fizz Chew Bar
  • 2x Swizzels Vimto Chew Bar 18g

Allergen and Dietary Notice: Our Retro Sweet Pack Double contains an assortment of ingredients, doubled for your indulgence. Kindly consult individual product labels for detailed ingredient insights. Potential allergens might be present, so we urge our cherished customers to peruse before delighting. Products may contain traces of nuts, dairy, gluten, and other allergens. Due diligence has been exercised in product information accuracy, but as culinary recipes evolve, so do ingredients, nutrition content, and allergens. Always inspect the product label and avoid sole reliance on the information present on our website.

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